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Department of Veterans Affairs – Build New Server Room

Project Location:Palo Alto VA Hospital
Contract Number:VA-261-C-0652
Contract Value: $1,700,000.00
Completion Date: October 2010

Project Description:Customer was beyond capacity in current server room. Cable Links converted basement offices into a NEW state of the art server room supporting over 400 servers for the Palo Alto VA Network. Cable Links also converted old server room into usable office space. Cable Links was the Prime Contractor and supervised all labor, material, subcontractors and self-performed the Electrical and Low Voltage portion of the contract.

The electrical work consisted of pulling main feeders, tie-in to main switch gear, installing panel, transformer, disconnect, UPS equipment and internal electrical runs for server racks, idf racks, precision cooling units, lighting and electrical outlets to support surrounding offices.

The low voltage installation included installation of 40 enclosed server racks, with server mounting trays and rails, seismic mounting kits, 2-post open racks, vertical and horizontal raceways, suspended cable tray, conduit, junction boxes, ladder racks, patch panels, copper and fiber backbone cabling from IDF to MDF, 1500 internal copper Category 6 cable runs, terminating, testing and labeling all cable runs.