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City of Clovis – Herndon Synchronization Project

Project Location:Clovis, CA
Contract Number:N/A
Contract Value: $637,742.78
Completion Date: November 2013

Project Description:This project consist of furnishing, installation, and system integration of a complete fiber optic “ETHERNET 1 GIGABIT” communication system (the System), including, but not limited to, ATMS server and software, desktop computer (with software) to communicate with the ATMS server, type 2070L traffic controllers with Apogee/Patriot Software, laptop computers (with software) to communicate with the 2070 traffic controllers, complete and operational communication equipment cabinets and equipment, communication conduit, vaults, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, fiber cable connections, fiber optic switches and routers, and IP viewing devices, as well as staff training on the usage of the System. The intent of the project is to install a traffic signal management system and equipment in the City of Clovis that is compatible to the regional system installed by the City of Fresno.