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Core Values

Safety First

Maintaining a safe environment for our employees and others is foundational to creating the kind of workplace we envision.


Treat others as you would like to be treated.  That’s the golden rule that insures giving due respect to self and others to maintain a healthy and vibrant environment where team work and growth can flourish.  We like to call it the “grace” factor.

Positive Team Spirit

Building on the value of respect we believe the best leaders are those who lead by example.  We also believe the best leaders serve those they lead thereby enabling them to succeed.  This fosters a positive atmosphere where everyone feels invested in the success of the company as a whole. We become a team with common goals and challenges.


We want to be more than just a team, though. We want to create a professional business environment that is, at the same time, friendly, warm, and exciting.  We believe that traditional family values build strong families and happy employees.   We strive to serve our employees and their families by establishing a balanced work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.


Communication is key to creating and maintaining everything from successful relationships to successful businesses. It is always one of the weakest spots in any organization. Effective communication allows us to accomplish much more than we would be able to do otherwise.  It’s  important to be a good listener as well as a good communicator.  Be open to find ways to communicate effectively and go the extra mile to make it happen.


It is imperative to always act with honesty and integrity in everything we do, never compromising the truth.  We take seriously the responsibility of our actions and realize that they influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers.  Integrity builds trust. Where trust exists so much more can be achieved.


Always strive to be the best.  This encompasses many other values including our commitment to great service, reliability, consistency, and quality.  This also means, no matter how large or small the task, it deserves our 100% effort.

Do More With Less

Innovation is the key to success.  Never sacrifice safety or quality, and never settle for “good enough” but find a way to get the job done.  With our company CEO’s background in the USMC, this is truly a value we live by.   No group ever did more with less or did it better than the USMC.   This leads to innovative thinking that leads to creative new ideas that can have the potential to change the world.

Embrace and Drive Change

In a growing company, change is constant.  We must be able to embrace change and not fear it.  We also want to be pro-active and be part of driving change that will improve our company. Never be complacent.

Work With Purpose

It may be personal or it may be professional, but whatever drives you, do your work with purpose, pride and passion.